Private 02 04 Kilim Rug Sand

Private 02 04 Kilim Rug Sand

from 950.00

100% pure hemp rugs made from vintage materials of the Anatolian Plateau in Turkey. They are washed in the sea and dried on the beach to create their signature soft feel. Dyed in Copenhagen. 
All private rugs are handmade and size vary sometimes by up to 6 inches.

Mini Runner: 3.5'x2.5'

Small Runner: 9'x3' to 8.4'x3' 

Long Runner: 2.7'x 9'

Small Rug:  7'x5' to 6'x4.5'

Medium Rug: 8.5'x6' to 7.5'x5.5'

Large: 9'x5.5'

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