Beatrice Valenzuela | Alcatraz Emerald

Beatrice Valenzuela | Alcatraz Emerald


This elegant garment is a vision of sensuous movement. It wraps around the waist with an adjustable tie, flattering to diverse silhouettes. It swoops low in the back and brushes the ankles.

Poppy, Cobalt and Black Silk available for preorder.


0/XS Bust: 31"/ Waist: 26"/ Hip: 40"/ Length: 42"
1/S Bust: 32"/ Waist: 27"/ Hip: 42"/Length: 42.5"
2/M Bust: 38"/ Waist: 29"/Hip: 51"/Length: 42.5"
3/L Bust: 42"/ Waist: 33"/ Hip: 52"/ Length: 44"
4/XL Bust: 42"/ Waist: 34"Hip: 54"/ Length: 45"

Made in Los Angeles

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