Palorosa Handwoven | Plastic Round Pot | Palm

Palorosa Handwoven | Plastic Round Pot | Palm


Palorosa is a lifestyle brand that started with a series of tote bags inspired by Guatemala City and the country’s landscape.

The project evolved from a desire to rethink and repurpose an utilitarian object by using innovative colors and shapes. By working closely with local artisans we created a high quality line of tote bags with a contemporary feeling.

The result are woven baskets and objects handmade in Guatemala incorporating recycled plastic with a unique palette. The color combinations are subtle and spontaneous: they range from earthy tones to bold bright tones with soft and delicate accents. 

The series of tote bag and pots are the first of a collection of objects curated from distant places for everyday urban use. These versatile and extremely durable products can be used in a variety of occasions. They also double as home and commercial spaces accessories.

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