May 11 Hair Oil

May 11 Hair Oil


May•11 Revitalizing Hair Oil is a 95%-organic, silicon-free formula of four carefully blended Pure Oils that advance the health of your hair.

This superior blend culminates in a velvety finish and glowing amber tone, imbuing the oil with a subtle elegance, while notes of bergamot and sandalwood delicately mingle to create its distinctive fragrance.

May•11 revitalizing hair oil is an organic daily treatment, made with jamaican black castor oil, created to protect, replenish, and accelerate hair health. Our nourishing blend simultaneously improves the strength & texture of all hair types while enhancing softness & natural luster.

May•11 hair oil characterized is by its restorative attributes is an accompaniment to a multifaceted lifestyle, sublimely enhancing moments of simple pleasure or active engagement. The velvety finish and glowing amber tone and signature scent are final touches that confidently completes the purity of self expression.

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