Surf journal page 1 | Nick Turner

Surf journal page 1 | Nick Turner


26.5x40 open edition print

From the artist: “Journals are a big part of my process as an artist and have taken a central role as I have began to consider the journal pages themselves art to be exhibited alongside the rest of my work. Family history is a central inspiration collaging together old postcards in german from the 20s that my grandmother wrote or letters from my mom to her friends back in the 60s to my travel experiences riding horses and surfing my way around the world. Most of the visuals are either photographs taken and small prints made to be collage into these drawings or collected images found around the world then cut up and tape into my journals and often just small drawings of images in my head that I saw while traveling and made them more of an abstract memory of a location I was passing through. 

It is all part of my personal experiences as an artist traveling to culture to culture exploring the world. These journal works are the inspiration and documentation of the process that leads to the final large singular prints also at Clic.”

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